Secure Open Racks


Two post and other open rack systems are space-saving, cost-effective, and facilitate fast deployments in data centers. However, the racks that organizations installed, five, ten (or more!) years ago must now be “enclosed” to address the organization’s own concerns of physical security and to meet industry compliance as it relates to critical infrastructure.

Great Lakes is facilitating the updates to open rack systems with retrofit security cabinets, or RSC.

Each RSC is a custom, made-to-order solution that creates a layer of security around existing open racks.


    • Custom developed to securely fit each application​
    • Flat packed for assembly onsite​
    • Top panel with horseshoe knockouts allow already terminated cables to be secured in the cabinet without having to disconnect​
    • Pattern on top panel accepts cable troughs and ladder rack support brackets​
    • Tamper resistant side panels are internally secure​
      • Laser etched opening on side panel can be removed for cable entry
      • Welded door jamb with front and rear mesh contour doors​
      • Depth adjustable PDU/cable management bar features obround pattern and keyhole pattern for button mounting PDUs​
      • Download the Data Sheet

Note: Listed features are typical of a RSC, but may not be included with every RSC; RSC design will vary based on existing infrastructure, dimensions, customer requirements, etc.

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Select the cabinet and components that create the best security level for your space or application.