Custom Solutions


A modification. A retrofit. Or from scratch. Great Lakes can make it happen!



We know that sometimes product isn’t perfect for you. If our cabinets, wall mounts, and racks almost meet your need, let our design experts make modifications so it’s better for you. Bigger or smaller. More or less knockouts. Different color. When it’s based off of existing product, you get a custom product faster. At a reduced cost.

Pictured: ES cabinet frame with standard black powder coat and door with a custom powder coat to match the university’s colors. Metal name plates with the university’s name and logo are attached to the door.


Already have product in place that didn’t come from Great Lakes? No problem. Engineers can create retrofit solutions to improve the products you already have onsite. Upgrade the door, create better cable management, completely enclose rack mount equipment that isn’t secure. We can do it without causing you downtime. No downtime means there’s more uptime.

Pictured: GL Engineers created a door frame to mount on another manufacturer’s cabinet that is deployed next to ES cabinets from Great Lakes–notice the height difference in the cabinets. All cabinets have the same profile and feature an intelligent access control handle which could not be installed on the old cabinet’s door.


Or ours. If the flexibility of our standard product just won’t do, let’s create something together. We can combine your requests (because no one knows your needs better than you) with our 35 years of design experience to create the best product for the job. A custom datacom product. Custom industrial product. Or any custom metal product…after all, we are metal fabricators.

Pictured: 72″H Seismic-like cabinets (smaller than standard sizes) feature a door with 3 latch locations and a cutout for a unique size AC unit. Cabinets are built to NEMA standards to protect equipment when deployed throughout a major metropolitan subway system.


Custom product that is the requirement for large products and future orders can become part of inventory and available on the warehouse floor. Custom product can be integrated with Great Lakes accessories, third-party product, and other components. It’s all part of STACK Integration Services–developed to reduce lead time for product and save onsite installation time.

Pictured: 72″H ES cabinets with a legacy powder coat color, Nitro Blue. 

Custom Examples
Red Seismic Cabinet
Seismic Cabinet
Secure Under Counter Enclosure
Cabinet Swing Rack
Legacy Cabinet Frame

Sophisticated, automated manufacturing, experienced engineers, and 35 years of excellent customer service has allowed Great Lakes to serve as the premier manufacturer and provider of standard and custom data and telecomm products to government and commercial organizations. When the requirements are unique and specific, Great Lakes is able to handle the request. Check out some examples to see what we mean.

  • Red powder coat to designate classified rack mount equipment is installed
  • Tamper resistant side panels
  • Combination handle with 3-point latch
  • Integration of brush grommet rail kit, brush grommet to cover cable knockouts, and vertical cable bars
  • Additional accessories boxed inside the cabinet for onsite installation
  • 72″H x 34″W x 37″D Seismic cabinet
  • Single mesh front door
  • Half-height solid rear doors
  • Stainless steel mounting rails
  • Vertical and horizontal cable bars with square hole pattern for cable “D” rings and obround pattern for cinch straps
  • Integration of bottom fan assemblies, grounding products, and shelf brackets
  • 24″H x 16″W x 26″D Security enclosure with mounting rails
  • Developed for government organization to secure equipment in unclassified areas
  • Gland plate for RJ45 jacks brings equipment that requires maintenance to the outside of the cabinet while sensitive equipment is secure inside the cabinet
  • Interchangeable gland plates for RJ45 jacks, conduit, and cable pass-thru
  • Fan assemblies on front and rear doors
  • Integration of a receptacle box, combination swing handle, and door contact sensors
  • 84″H x 40″W x 32″D Cabinet with swing rack
  • Swing rack provides easy equipment maintenance while cabinet provides security
  • Large bottom opening for cable pass-thru
  • Removable top panel for overhead cable management if needed
  • Vertical cable troughs installed along swing rack
  • Integration of a LED light, power strip, shelf, copper bus bar, and horizontal cable organizers
  • Great Lakes legacy cabinet frame manufactured as needed by the customer
  • Mounting rails installed in the bottom half of the frame
  • Shelves installed and attached to the cabinet frame
  • Integration of a heavy-duty pull out shelf and copper bus bar


Simple modification or from scratch--our goal is to develop a product that fits YOUR space and YOUR needs.