Environmental Monitoring

BAS and DCIM Components

Installation of products related to Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) help data center managers monitor airflow by providing real-time insight into efficient and inefficient conditions in the data center. STACK integration services from Great Lakes includes installation of components related to BAS & DCIM* solutions. Customers may choose to have third-party monitoring components drop shipped to Great Lakes, or we can source products directly.

Cabinets Integrated with BAS/DCIM Components Can Include:


  • Installed in multiple locations on the front and/or rear doors to measure temperature and pressure differentials within the cabinet
  • Also used to measure humidity, dew point, etc.
  • The majority of PDUs accept a limited number of sensors, typically 2 or 3; rack mount expansion bays accept sensors for increased monitoring

Power Distribution Units, PDUs

  • PowerLok PDUs from Great Lakes feature monitoring capabilities
  • Other industry PDUs also provide monitoring functional
  • Advanced PDU options include receptacle level management

Asset Managers

  • Installed in the front of the cabinet, typically along the inside frame or front rail
  • Inventories equipment installed in each RMU of the cabinet
  • Advanced options include ability to monitor power usage of every piece of equipment

*Please note that while Great Lakes will install sensors and environmental monitoring components, we do not assist with software/hardware installation and maintenance.


  • Installation of temp sensors

  • Installation of PowerLok PDUs

  • Installation of Other Industry PDUs

  • Work Completed by a GL electrician

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