Need a touch of cool?

We have that! We can help you make and deploy an airflow strategy for your space. And we aren’t just blowing hot air.

From a single cabinet to hundreds deployed with aisle containment. There’s a solution to increase cooling capacity and decrease PUE.

Not to mention, any strategy you choose—we can help prove it’s the best option! CFD software, it’s pretty cool! No pun intended.

“Just like our cabinets, you’re not limited to an out-of-the-box airflow solution.”

Scott Ware – Regional VP

A well planned and managed airflow strategy is able to produce an efficient data center where utility consumption is reduced, IT equipment life is extended, and cost savings is realized in multiple areas of the data center.

Choosing to partner with Great Lakes provides access to a multitude of products and resources, including:

  • Accessories to implement best practices
  • Hot or Cold Aisle Containment Solutions
  • Products for Environmental Monitoring
  • CFD analysis
  • AC units, heat exchangers, and other airflow options for industrial applications

Best Practices

Aisle Containment

CFD Analysis

Environmental Monitoring

Industrial Options