PDU Brackets for Cabinets

  • ES and EZ cabinets come standard with two sets of PDU brackets (one set installed in each rear corner). If selecting angled PDU brackets, standard brackets must be removed.
  • NEMA 12K cabinets come standard with two cable bars (one installed in each rear corner) with keyhole mounting for PDUs; for additional bars, contact customer service.
  • L cabinets come standard with one cable management rail with keyhole mounting for PDUs; additional rails can be ordered.


ES Rail PDU Bracket

ES Angle PDU Bracket

ES Corner PDU Bracket

E Corner PDU Bracket

E Extension PDU Bracket

L Vertical Cable Rail

PDU Brackets for Racks

  • All racks require a PDU Bracket to install a vertical power strip


Rack PDU Bracket

Rack PDU/Cable Bar

2P & 4P PDU Bracket

2P & 4P PDU Bracket


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